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  • September 20, 2018

    How we used neural networks to understand Congress

    See post here:

  • June 01, 2016

    How to ask a question (automatically)

    This post is based on the final project in CMU’s 11-411 (Introduction to Natural Language Processing). It represents an approach we tried, not as a definitive guide on this topic. This was a group ...

  • January 01, 2016

    In which computers tell the difference between space and medicine

    Machine Learning is both awesome and popular in both research and industry. However, I haven’t found many introductory tutorials on it that combine math and implementation. So, in this blog post I ...

  • October 06, 2015

    A brief introduction to computational semantics

    As the title says, this post is just a brief introduction to computational semantics. It is by no means comprehensive, and is rather a loosely technical story of my experiences in the field so far....

  • September 09, 2015

    So you want to build a recommender system?

    This post originally appeared on the Khan Academy Data Science Blog and talks about some of the work I did during my internship this summer.Over the years, Khan Academy has built out recommendation...